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Google Adwords Step #1: Is There Customer Demand?
If your customers are not searching for your product or service in Google, then obviously, AdWords search advertising is not going to work for you.

So, before you get too excited about creating your first campaign, you need to verify there is, in fact, search volume for what you’re going to offer.

I suggest using UberSuggest, which is my own free keyword research tool. The keyword tool acts much like a thesaurus. You enter in phrases you think your prospects are searching, and it will tell you other similar, relevant phrases.
Ubersuggest will tell you how often people search these phrases, how competitive the keywords, and how much it’ll cost to advertise on each keyword. All of this information will help you determine which keywords you want to use in your first campaign.

I also recommend you use the keyword “Suggestions” provided under the main chart. This will give you an idea of related keywords and how much search volume those keywords have.

You can also use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to help you find the best keywords to target. It will provide you with bid estimates and total searches, so you can make a plan.

There are three questions you’re going to ask to determine whether or not to advertise on a particular keyword:

Is the keyword searched in Google? If there is no search volume, then that tells you no one is typing that phrase into Google. There is no point in advertising on keywords no one is searching.
Is the person searching this keyword likely to buy my product or service? Or is the person more likely just doing research with no intention of making a purchase? In other words, what is the intent of the keyword? When starting out, you’ll want to advertise on what I call “buying intent” keywords where the person is clearly looking to buy.
Can I afford to advertise on the keyword? This question is important, but it requires a bit of math to calculate. So let’s take a look at that now.

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